Saturday, March 1, 2014

trip countdown

source: jdombstravels

In just 6 days, Dustin and I will be flying through the air towards Istanbul, Rome, Florence, and Venice.
It is going to be a phenomenal trip, I can already tell!
So far it seems to be the perfect balance of planning and winging it, relaxed agendas and really exciting itineraries. I mean, Italy really demands relaxation - wine, gelato, pastas, pizzas. Sit down and be fed, sit down and be gelatoed. You can't really hurry these experiences.

Right now I think Florence and San Gimignano are going to be the highlight for me, but part of me hopes I'm wrong and that little treasures find me in the most unexpected places.

This is the last weekend before we go, so naturally I'm panicking. 
Packing starts now!
I'm having to really remind myself of my own layering tips to really utilize my suitcase space. It's going to be a challenge, since March is always a tricky time to travel, weather-wise. It's still on the cold side, but can occasionally warm up in the middle of the day while sightseeing, so easily removable layers are important. I don't want to weigh myself down with a super heavy suitcase, especially since souvenirs are kind of my thing. Gotta have room for those.

Travel Tip: Always bring half as much as you think you need, and twice as much cash. 

True story. If I could give you one single nugget of wisdom, that'd be it.
Although if you want more, email me, because I love to talk about traveling. Start planning that trip to the magical whimsical wonderful place of your dreams soon! There's no time like the present. 

In the mean time, my blogging has been slowing due to busy-ness/sickness, but while I'm gone, keep up with me over on my instagram (CaitSchan), I'd absolutely love to share our trip with you!