The Frocktober Sisterhood was born in October of 2012. (see recaps of 20122013 and 2014). 

I was feeling like I was in a bit of a rut style-wise, so I decided to force myself to wear a dress every single day of October. The challenge ended up being even better than I imagined it would be -- it really inspired me to utilize pieces in my closet I hadn't worn in years (it also helped me clear out the pieces I definitely wasn't wearing at all), and it sparked so many new ideas and experiments. I was remixing and pattern mixing and creatively layering. I was out of my rut and pushing the boundaries of my style, feeling much more confident than ever before to wear what I loved and felt great in. 
Dresses aren't just for fancy occasions. Even if you're incredibly active or just wear jeans to work, there are plenty of ways to utilize your dresses for more than just fancy-wear. And Frocktober will show you those ways. 

The rules? Part 1, wear a dress every day. Challenge yourself to wear dresses multiple times in different ways. But it has to a dress, a proper frock - (skirts alone don't count, unless worn over a dress) - every day. Tuck a dress into a skirt, or under a baggy sweater. Pair it with tights or even skinny jeans. As long as you're in a dress, the sky's the limit!

Part 2, challenge yourself to avoid buying new clothes for the month. Host a clothes swap with friends, go thrifting, or consider gathering October's clothing budget and purchasing from a company like Krochet Kids intl. or another cause that really speaks to you. Be creative, be intentional, be thoughtful.

Start small, if need be. If you don't think you can do the whole month, try one week and see how it goes!

To join, grab a button for your blog (if you have one):

Copy and use this code to link back here:

And most definitely utilize the #frocktobersisterhood hashtag for any and all Frocktober posts, whether it be on Twitter or Instagram!

I'd love to hear from you if you've decided to join me. Let the frock-wearing begin!

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