Saturday, September 28, 2013

the notebook: a day in charleston

I'm not even going to ask if you've seen The Notebook - I'm just going to take it as a given, because anyone who hasn't at least seen the iconic love story between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams is a kind of creature I don't really understand.

We had the opportunity two weekends ago to go to Charleston, SC for a day and a half.
It was a quick trip, but it was just long enough to soak up much of the magic that surrounds Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun.

Charleston is a pretty enchanting city.
The fascinating (and tragic) history, the quaint streets, the southern charm, the waterfront, the food.
The fact that it was also the setting for many iconic Notebook scenes is just a really, really big bonus.

Dress: J. Crew, Purse: Target (shop!)

A lot of what we saw was the embodiment of Noah and Allie's first date.
The theater, and of course the place where they danced and then plopped down in the middle of the street to watch the lights change.
It's one of the most beloved scenes. Such simplicity, such romance.
I was glad I looked up the cross streets beforehand, because we were walking around during the daytime and I never would've recognized it. There isn't actually an overhanging stoplight there, either. It's quite different in the film - but the one thing that stands out is this amazing baby blue building.

I'm not gonna lie - I legitimately wanted to try and finagle a way to risk my life and lie down in the middle of the road later that night. 
The problem was, once we parked our car at the hotel that afternoon, we couldn't move it, because it was $20 every time to go in and out of the parking garage. So we had to stick with walkable places within a mile or so and this intersection was several miles away. It was just too far to go back to. 
Still, I thought about it and wished for it. But it just wouldn't be the same, without that overhanging stoplight, without Dusty beside me (who would have had to man the camera), and obviously with the additions of the rush of modern oncoming traffic. Puts a damper on things.

There are so many little corners of the world that I will not go.
Sweet little towns I will not see, darling cupcake shops I will not sit in. Tiny boutiques and gourmet restaurants, historical buildings and crumbling bits of history. Times and places and textures I will never touch.
I may never go to Charleston again. This tiny window of a visit may have been the only chance we ever get, and while sometimes I wish we could have had a bit longer, the sweet brevity of it may have been the best part.
Maybe the charm of a town is its many mysteries.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

the dirt on the pencil skirt

I think that's the last time I wore a pencil skirt. (That's me on the left).
Fancy, right?

The thing is, I was in a super dress-coded choir all throughout college. Pencil skirts abounded on a near-daily basis. Pencil skirts, heels, button-ups, cardigans, lipstick, curls. The whole 9 yards.
In fact "dressing to the nines" was a repetitive phrase among us.

When I graduated and finished the last choir tour, I threw out all pencil skirts, lipsticks, and curled hair habits. It was freeing, it was deliberate, and it was wonderful. 
I had grown tired of the hairspray, the split ends, the hours of getting ready. The lipstick teeth. The chapped lips. The sore feet.
My hair has been straight, my skirts have been loose and twirly, and my feet have been clad in boots, sandals and flats.
Until yesterday.

The pencil skirt is back.

In classic rebellion, I went as casual as humanly possible while still donning the fitted skirt.
I've gotta ease back into it.

I've bought two amazing pencil skirts in the last few months, both on sale and too good to pass up. The first was a great textured navy skirt from Anthropologie, which I have yet to wear, and the second is this delightful caramel number from LOFT.
My work is so casual that I'm not sure I'll ever go back to choir-mode again, ever, but I may go as far as tucking in a blouse or two. Maybe I'll even curl my hair again.
Too much, too soon.

Top/Skirt (shop!): LOFT, Shoes/Purse (shop!): Target, Sunglasses: Ruche

Everybody loves foxes.
I posted a video at the end of my last post, and since then it has exploded (definitely not because of me), gone viral and caused children of all ages to go wild with foxiness. I'm all for it.
If you haven't watched it, you're currently over 14 million views behind the times.
(The Fox by Ylvis)

I've pretty much driven my husband crazy singing it, because I think it's in my head until I die.
What does the fox say?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

giant polka dots

When you start to feel that crispness in the air, it's all about the sweaters. 

Normally, I let the sweaters come to me. I glance around and maybe one will be on sale, maybe I see that super cozy sweater in a pile at Target, maybe I'll even order one I come across online if it's particularly irresistible.
But this time, I pursued this sweater. And it was so worth it. 

I saw a post over on Francesca's Instagram account (@francescacollections) with the sweater featured on one of their mannequins, and was determined to find it in our local store!
We ended up going there this past weekend, and I searched high and low but didn't see any fabulous polka dot sweaters.
I finally asked up at the cash register, but the two women working said the only polka dot sweater they had was black with white polka dots.
She offered to go to the back to double check, and I said, yes, please!

Sweater: Francesca's, Bottoms: Old Navy, Purse: Target (shop!), Jewelry: Fossil

The sweater isn't even online yet, so if I were you, I would healthily stalk your local shop like I did until you can coerce them into searching the back for you! (With a smile, and a please and thank you!)
The sweet lady came back with both the black version and this fetching oatmeal version, the one I was after, which I immediately snatched up. I love it!

I'm also pretty obsessed with my purse, which is from Target and has a fox on it. (Because I love foxes, as you know.) I've been instagramming this purse for a few weeks now, with #myfoxpurse, so if you happen to pick up this bag or another foxy purse, join my hashtag!

Speaking of foxes, if you haven't seen this zany video yet, you're welcome. 

Also, for you west coasters who don't feel that crispness in the air, and who hate me for talking about sweaters, foxes and pumpkin spice lattes, read this article that my best friend sent me and know that you're not alone.
Also, I'll be joining your ranks again next year so just let me enjoy my time in the red leaves.