Friday, December 20, 2013

christmas week!

A very merry Christmas from my little corner of the world!

This week will be full of family, fun, all things Christmas and all things jolly.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and I promise I will be back to blogging regularly in no time!

Drink lattes, pray for snow, wear fuzzy socks, listen to carols, maybe sing a few...make a fire, cuddle up, see a film, enjoy the glitter, and say I love you a whole darn lot.

Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

holiday trends

I've already talked a little bit about the velvet trend, but there have been a few other things I've seen around that I'm either excited to try or still not quite sure about. Maybe a mixture of both!
To start out, what do you think about coated pants?

J. Crew




A lot of times, I absolutely love the look -- it has that leathery sheen, but has the fit of your favorite jeans.
I'm still unsure how they'll look in-person, but I went ahead and took the plunge and bought the last pair in that list above.
Ruche has Wednesday Style Steals, and this week's happened to include the coated pants. I couldn't resist.
I had been intrigued since I first saw them in their lookbook, and fell in love with this ensemble:

I think in general the trends seem to be leaning toward the edgier looks. A lot of leather and leather-ish ideas.
I honestly have zero authority on the subject, because I don't follow high fashion or the actual style trends happening around the world -- I just know what I see in my favorite stores, and the things that are totally new to my wardrobe (or are making a vicious comeback, like velvet.)

Speaking of leather, let's take a look at how bold it's getting.
What do you think about leather-centered outfits?

Via Ruche

Leather obviously isn't new to the fashion world. Leather bags, wallets, shoes, jewelry, and of course jackets...those have long been staples in the female psyche.
But leather seems to be getting friskier by the minute. Striped dresses with gold leather pockets, laser-cut leather blouses, pleated leather skirts. This is serious stuff.

I'm most intrigued by the leather skirts, and subtle leather accents.
Some of my favorites:


Would you wear such bold (yet ladylike) leather pieces?
I have yet to try them out, but I do love the look of a great burgundy leather skirt. (I also like this quilted mini skirt!).
I'll report back with my findings on the coated jeans as soon as they arrive!
In the meantime, what are some winter trends you're a bit curious about?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

tick tock


December is arguably the nation's most favorite month of the year.
It's a month of holidays, winter flavors, cold weather, glitter, comfy sweaters, good cheer, family, magic, gifts, parties, fireworks, well wishes and resolutions.

It's also the month that speeds by the fastest! It all seems to go by in a shimmery blur.
This year is really strange for us. It's the first Christmas ever we'll be spending away from Arizona. Luckily my husband's family is coming to visit us, but we've decided not to exchange presents this year (which has made it a lot easier on us, because we would have to ship them all).
I'm finding myself in a panic because it's so close to Christmas and normally around this time I'm busily shopping and planning and getting ready to fly home.
But this year, it's peaceful. Simple. Strange. 

Dress: Ruche, Jeans: Target, Boots: DSW
Scarf: Gifted, Necklace: Thrifted

We're still stuck in the thick of finals season, but by Friday we'll be home free to enjoy the crispness of holiday festivities. I'm extremely excited! I'm not sure what we'll do when it's finally over -- we only have one semester left here, so it feels like a really big milestone to be done with our very last December finals.
A party is in order, definitely. But whether that "party" means going out for a fancy steak dinner and seeing Frozen again or staying at home in our pajamas for three days straight remains to be seen.

Speaking of pajamas, this dress is basically pajamas.
I bought it on super sale ($10) from Ruche back in September, and it was one of those S/M or M/L sizes that is always a gamble. It's way too big on me, but it feels like going to work on a cloud.
Simultaneously, I feel like a Greek goddess because the sleeves are twice as long as my arms and oh-so-flowy.
A dress with that kind of comfort combo has to be treasured, despite the too-long sleevage.

Monday, December 9, 2013


Saturday morning I rolled out of bed and threw on one of my comfiest sweaters to head downtown.
I was running late for book club, in fact I almost missed book club, which would have been a shame since I was the one to request the book this time around! (Legion by Brandon Sanderson, my favorite author).

Once a month we have book club downtown, in my once-favorite coffee shop, White Hart. It's still dear to me, but it closed its doors earlier this year and was rather miraculously reopened by a new owner. While it's still a lovely place, it has lost a lot of the charm that made it so magical before...I'm hoping in time they'll really utilize the space to return it to its former glory, but part of me knows those days are gone forever.
It's always a little sad to lose a place you love, but sometimes beautiful things are short-lived. Looking back, some of my favorite memories were in places that only last for a short while -- like my apartments in college, especially junior and senior years, which included my husband and I's first home together. It was a tiny little place that we only lived in for 5 months, but I'll cherish it always.
Maybe having a definitive beginning and end to a beloved place makes it all the more magical. It's not everlasting, but the memories are -- and the ache you feel in its place is just a reminder of its sweetness.

After book club, a friend and I flitted over to a vintage Christmas market happening downtown, perusing the handmade goods and wishing we could buy them all.
After some more coffee and some friendly chatter, I headed back home to get ready for the law wives Christmas Tea. Which is why I'm so dressed up here! Afternoon teas demand fanciness.

Dress (remixed): Modcloth, Necklace: Anthropologie, Coat: New York & Company

I suppose this dress has become my go-to for law school events!
I wore it this past April for Barristers, although I have to say I'm enjoying it much more as a wintry holiday kind of dress. The shimmer in the fabric is gorgeous, and it's that right kind of bright to fit right into the Christmas season.

The hair, of course, is also new!
I had been pondering a new 'do for some time, although exactly what I wanted took a while to figure out.
I knew I wanted to do something a little wild, but not anything I would most likely regret terribly for years (like a pixie cut -- I'm pretty sure I would never recover, despite my occasional musings that I want to pull an Emma Watson).
The good news is, I did it, and I love it.
It has inspired me to curl my hair again on a regular basis, and I love the way it looks in a ponytail. My hair is finally getting long enough to pull off something more interesting, and I'm really excited to have this style for a while!

Friday, December 6, 2013

christmas cheer

Happy Merry Hurray Christmas!

These pictures are actually from the end of November -- before Thanksgiving, to be exact, which is why I didn't post them at first.
I imagined all the outrage from Thanksgiving purists and knew I had to postpone.

Campus went Christmassy pretty early this year (although really, it just felt that way because Thanksgiving was so late) and they put this giant Christmas tree right in front of my work building, and twisted wintery blue lights around the trunk of every tree lining the main road. It's pretty festive!

This outfit is so simple, but makes me so happy.
Polka dot dress, floral scarf, bright tights. 
There's nothing more comforting than classic and colorful in the holiday season. 

I haven't taken outfit photos in a few days, but soon I'll be doing a post about my hair -- I look very different from these pictures!
I wanted to do something a little fun and a little crazy, so I went for it.
I'm feeling the vibes of wintry goodness, and I just can't wait for the holidays to be in full swing.
Until then, I'll keep cozying up to every Christmas tree I see.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

the question of velvet

Tegan Velvet Dress

If any of you guys were born somewhere in the mid to late eighties, and spent most of your childhood in the golden era of the nineties, then it's pretty much guaranteed that you wore velvet at one time or another.
Crushed velvet, even, God forbid.
I have vivid memories of my mother finally consenting to let me dress myself on a Sunday morning (against her better judgment, but I was insisting), and I chose my favorite purple velvet dress and my black hat with leopard trim.
That outfit still haunts me to this day. Granted, it's also one of my favorite things about my younger self, that I was so in love with leopard that I added it to nearly every outfit, no matter the cost.

Nowadays, velvet gives me that kind of haunting feeling. The heebie jeebies, almost. I'm not sure if it's tied to those days of young fashion faux pas, or if I just genuinely dislike the fabric.
Whatever the reason, my first reaction to the current reappearance of velvet as a trend this winter has been quite negative. Of the oh god no variety.
However, it has also caused me to reevaluate just why I dislike it so much. The sheen? The old-timey feeling? The texture? Tacky velvet posters? I'm not sure.

I had a twitter chat with Ruche about velvet, because they have been featuring a lot of it in their new arrivals as of late -- they think I should give it another chance. And, I have to admit, the dresses they mentioned are actually quite pretty -- they're just a touch of velvet, and have intrigued me enough to consider giving it a try.

Subtle Nuance
Lady Macbeth
Nocturne Brocade

These dresses almost trick you into thinking you're not wearing velvet, until someone gives you a hug and exclaims, Oh happy Christmas! You're so soft!

Maybe I don't hate velvet. Or maybe watching Reign has just softened me up to looking like a medieval queen. Either way, I think it's safe to say that I'm not one to throw out a style without trying it -- or at least considering it.
I will never wear velvet leggings, though, and I think that's for everyone's benefit. So you're welcome.

I will also never wear a purple velvet dress with a leopard hat again.
Well, alright. No promises.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

the tapestry bag

The tale of this tapestry bag probably begins a long time ago, way back when I first saw Anne of Green Gables. My desire for one has only increased over the years, and when I finally got around to reading Anne of Green Gables, it was settled.

Matthew, however, was spared the ordeal of speaking first, for as soon as she concluded that he was coming to her she stood up, grasping with one thin brown hand the handle of a shabby, old-fashioned carpet-bag; the other she held out to him....

"Oh, I can carry it," the child responded cheerfully. "It isn't heavy. I've got all my worldly goods in it, but it isn't heavy. And if it isn't carried in just a certain way the handle pulls out--so I'd better keep it because I know the exact knack of it. It's an extremely old carpet-bag. 

Sweater (shop!)/Tapestry Bag (sold out): Ruche, Bottoms: Thrifted, Necklace: AnthropologieShoes: Urbanog
Of course, this particular bag isn't extremely old and doesn't contain all of my worldly goods in it. But it certainly could, and the dreamer in me just has to close her eyes and grasp the handles to imagine the life-changing adventure that is about to occur -- just my tapestry bag and me.

There's something about having this tapestry bag that makes me feel really grown up.
I packed it up for our Thanksgiving weekend with friends, and I loved feeling put together for once. We've always survived on mismatched and hand me down suitcases, which have always done the trick just fine. Dusty and I have a random stack of bags under our bed, and we usually just cram everything into one bag whenever we travel.
But having something cute and folksy that's all mine is kind of lovely all on its own. A bag just for weekends, those special short trips reserved for close-by mini adventures or holiday getaways. 

This sweater is also one of my favorite new things from Ruche, and I have already worn it a little too often lately. The bows and pearls are so sweet! 
I guess I was feeling a little retro yesterday because I parted my hair down the middle for the first time in many years. I was overwhelmed with how much I look like my mom. I kept picturing a photo of her when she was around my age, with her long straight hair, parted down the middle and all. I couldn't ask for a more lovely look-alike, but it made me miss her something fierce.
We're basically twinsies, except for my chin and sense of humor which belong to my dad. 
I think I'll keep up the middle-part for a while longer. :)