Sunday, October 4, 2015

working weekend {frocktober, day 2 + 3}

Outfit 1: Dress 1, 2 // Cardigan
Outfit 2: Dress // Sweater 1, 2

A few notes on the last two days of Frocktober. Maternity leggings are amazing. It makes me wonder why I haven't been wearing these for years. I was recently gifted 4 pairs for my birthday from Pink Blush Maternity, and they are so buttery smooth. It's a little bit absurd how happy they make me. I'd highly encourage you to try them out, whether you're pregnant or just a woman who enjoys having your bum cradled in a cloud.

Friday and Saturday have both been work days at #casaschan. I can't wait to show you complete room reveals, but for now you can follow me on Instagram for little updates here and there (@caitschan). We’ve been aiming to be moved in by the end of this month, which for the last few weeks has felt like pretty wishful thinking. But after an entire day of working on installing our beautiful laminate floors yesterday, things are looking up! I’ll confess I spent most of Saturday in a big t-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes – but am still honoring Frocktober in the in-between. 

In case you’re wondering, our big list items that still need to get done are:

1. The rest of our floors – getting so close!
2. New countertops – we’ll find out more tomorrow!
3. Paint the master bedroom
4. Spray the property for scorpions (yuck!)

There are other bonus wishes, such as replacing our broken sliding glass door and painting the kitchen cupboards white. And, ya know, getting the nursery painted and decorated for the baby... There will definitely be plenty of projects to do once we’re moved in, but for now we’re trying to focus on the must-dos and save those other lists for later. 

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