Wednesday, October 2, 2013

decorative cardigans

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Mercy me, I love a good cardigan.
Actually, they don't even have to be good. They can be cheap and mediocre and I still like them more than many other articles of clothing.

The journey of the cardigan has been a jolly one. At first the word "cardigan" elicited visions of grandmotherly crochet sweaters, or even better, Meg Ryan from You've Got Mail. 
What a great movie.

The first person I met other than Meg who wore cardigans on the regular was a girl named Lauren, who I met freshman year of college. I thought it was cute and quirky, and then I realized that I was slowly becoming bewitched by them. They go with everything. They're comfortable, they make me warmer, and they come in all kinds of colors. It's like the next-door neighbor to a favorite pair of shoes.
Before long, we were browsing Target for new cardigans all the time. The first time I saw a patterned cardigan I thought the sky had opened up and bequeathed me a heavenly gift of polka-dot proportions.

I'm not sure when it began, but somewhere along the line, the cardigan snuck up on all of us and began to filter into the everyday woman's wardrobe. Not just the pixie-cut blonde types. Every style, every person, everywhere.

Honestly, this cardigan isn't even a cardigan.
It's a short-sleeved button-up sweater that is purely ornamental.
But that is how imbedded I am into cardigan culture - I wear them ornamentally now.

Frocktober day 1 has come and gone!
Will you join in on the challenge?

I love to see everyone else's Frocktober posts, and hope you'll join in (it's okay if you start a little late!). It's a great way to really dig into your wardrobe, and establish a new appreciation for your dresses and their endless versatility.
Plus, it's just a fun way to join in on the #FrocktoberSisterhood!

This little badge was created by Stephanie over at Anie Inspired, and Ruche is also hosting a Frocktober challenge for all the Ruchettes out there.
I was so excited to get this tweet from them this afternoon!

Make sure to tag any frocktober Instagram posts with #Frocktober and #FrocktoberSisterhood, and follow along with my Frocktober challenge here on the blog, and with @CaitSchan on Instagram. :)

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