Friday, December 6, 2013

christmas cheer

Happy Merry Hurray Christmas!

These pictures are actually from the end of November -- before Thanksgiving, to be exact, which is why I didn't post them at first.
I imagined all the outrage from Thanksgiving purists and knew I had to postpone.

Campus went Christmassy pretty early this year (although really, it just felt that way because Thanksgiving was so late) and they put this giant Christmas tree right in front of my work building, and twisted wintery blue lights around the trunk of every tree lining the main road. It's pretty festive!

This outfit is so simple, but makes me so happy.
Polka dot dress, floral scarf, bright tights. 
There's nothing more comforting than classic and colorful in the holiday season. 

I haven't taken outfit photos in a few days, but soon I'll be doing a post about my hair -- I look very different from these pictures!
I wanted to do something a little fun and a little crazy, so I went for it.
I'm feeling the vibes of wintry goodness, and I just can't wait for the holidays to be in full swing.
Until then, I'll keep cozying up to every Christmas tree I see.

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