Friday, January 30, 2015

my funny valentine

One of my favorite things to do is shop around the internet for the best possible gifts for people. I love haunting Etsy and trolling around online boutiques, adding things to my wishlists for later use. Sometimes the things end up being on my personal wishlist, but I'm equally excited to find superb presents for my favorite people in life.

I recently went down that rabbit hole of window-shopping, as it were, and decided to share a few of my finds with you in honor of Valentine's Day coming up! The less conventional the better, in my opinion. I adore thoughtful, quirky presents that supersede the norm. Flowers and chocolates are always welcome, of course, but if you're looking to really find something unique and special this February to celebrate the month of love, I'd start here:

Matchboxes // Harry Potter Sweatshirt // Embroidered Bouquet Necklace
Lunar Phase Necklace // Heart Clip // Irresistible Card // Swedish Magnets
Cameo Pendant // Molasses Print // Old Book Candle // Floral Dress
Fantastic Mr. Fox Card // Bee Knuckle Ring // Cat Lady Tattoos // Heart Dress

I shop for clothes way too often, but it always takes me pleasantly by surprise when someone buys clothes for me. I love being fashionally thought of, so if someone were to give me a Valentine gift bag that included a colorful Harry Potter sweatshirt, I'd basically be bonded to them for life.

Adorable magnets, sweet prints, funny cards, temporary cat tattoos, heart-related just can't go wrong with those things.

Perhaps my favorite things on this entire list are:

  1. The "Old Books" scented candle because yes, please. This Etsy shop, Frostbeard, has some of the best candles I've ever seen in my life (including scents like Sherlock's Study, Cliffs of Insanity, The Shire...).   
  2. Book Cover Matchboxes. Forget just Valentine's Day, friends, this is the perfect gift for any occasion. Think bridesmaid gifts, book club favors, birthdays...the event opportunities are endless, and Matchmakers has the matches for them all. 
  3. The Lunar Phase Necklace. Lorena of the Etsy shop Gemagenta has a gorgeous collection of fine jewelry, but her Lunar Phase collection is (quite literally) out of this world. You tell her a specific date (your date of birth? your wedding anniversary?) and she looks up the lunar phase on that exact date in time and crafts the moon from that day for you to wear. Necklace, ring, bracelet...your choice! They're gorgeous. 

It's hard to believe that January is already coming to a close, but February is tapping on the door and has me thinking of bright bouquets and pretty trinkets. What are your favorite places to find special gifts for the people you love? What are your favorite entries above?

Happy Friday!

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