Tuesday, August 18, 2015

my to-read list

I just love books and their book covers. So colorful, so different, so interesting. I've been wanting to buy more actual books lately, just to admire the covers and pages and fill my bookshelves with their art and words.

I've been falling behind in my book-reading goals this year (find me on Goodreads!), although I'm still doing significantly better than I have in past years. I'm currently 4 books behind schedule, but I'm incredibly determined to actually complete my 36 book goal this year! I think my problem is that I'm reading rather large books...perhaps my goals should be page-based instead of book-based. To read 36 books means that a 200 page book and a 1,200 page book count as the same. That feels rather deflating at times.

To be honest, I should probably start reading books about babies. My days of pleasure reading might be over for a while. I should probably be educating myself on all of the joys and horrors of birth and child-raising. While I know these things are true, I can't help but pine for a cold, rainy day spent reading magical fairy tales or spirit-lifting memoirs. That daydream might also have to do with the fact that it's been 114+ degrees this week. Fall, how I miss thee.

Here are some of the books at the top of my wishlist. Someday, somehow, I will read them!

Longing for Paris | Sarah Mae

I can already tell this book speaks to me, long before I even begin to open the front cover. How often do I feel this way? Grateful and happy for my life and for my family, but often mesmerized, distracted, and aching for something more. It's the heart of wanderlust.

Books, intrigue, and magical curiosities. Can't think of a better happy read. And the book cover glows in the dark!

Garden Spells | Sarah Addison Allen

I'm drawn to this book because it centers on a magical family of women and their enchanted garden. Sisterhood, a lasting legacy, and magically powered fruit. It sounds delightful. It's also Sarah Addison Allen's debut novel, and I'm always fascinated by an author's first book.

The Accidental Highwayman | Ben Tripp

I discovered this book while listening to a podcast from my favorite author, Brandon Sanderson, and have wanted to read it ever since. It's everything I want in a book. Adventure, notoriety, accidental heroism, a rebellious princess, goblins, magic, danger, etc. etc.

The Martian | Andy Weir

This book has been on my wishlist for a while, but I have to admit I've gained a renewed interest in it since it was announced that the movie is coming out, and will be starring Matt Damon. I think the book sounds wonderful and terrifying. I really can't wait to read it, then see it. (Always in that order).

The Storm Makers | Jennifer E. Smith

This story centers on twins Ruby and Simon, and Simon's sudden discovery that he is a Storm Marker - a member of a clandestine group of people entrusted with the power to control the weather. It sounds like an enjoyable young adult adventure, and it takes me back to the kinds of fantastical stories my dad always used to tell about my little brother and I. Sibling adventures are particularly nostalgic for me. Plus, I love the cover art.

Have you read any of these? If so, I'd love to know your review! What's on your wishlist?

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