Monday, September 14, 2015

Inspiration: Krochet Kids intl.

Earlier this summer, I became acquainted with an incredible company that many of you have hopefully already heard of. A friend reached out to me about this company, Krochet Kids intl., sharing their vision with me and highlighting the wonderful work they've been doing. Before long, I was waiting anxiously for my new Dreamer Box Tee to arrive and planning this blog post in my mind.

I have been an online shopper for several years now. I've been a lover of boutiques like Ruche and a supporter of small shops on Etsy, as well as a proponent of challenging the way you view your closet by utilizing what you already have in fresh and exciting new ways. Now, I hope to share the ways in which I have been newly inspired by the mission of Krochet Kids intl. and their unique model of using apparel and shopping to revolutionize the lives of women.

Dreamer Box Tee (shop!): Krochet Kids intl.
Skirt (remixed 1, 2): Ruche, Collared Blouse (similar): borrowed

Krochet Kids intl. is a non-profit organization that began with 3 young high school guys and their crocheting hobby. Crazy, right? These guys took something personal and simple and turned it into a world-changing vision. In present day, their far-reaching company works with vulnerable women in poverty stricken regions of the world, providing them with the resources and skills to rise above poverty...forever. Their focus is to empower these women to radically change their family's current and future lives, and to continue to impact and revitalize their communities in the process.

KKi provides training, employment, education, and mentoring for these hard-working ladies so they can go forward with a sustainable plan for permanent change and independence. I'd highly encourage you to check out their website to read more about what they do.

Some of my favorite things on their site are this leather-shouldered slouch tee, this "let's go anywhere" tee, this backpack, the Arizona headband, all of their baby beanies...and a million other things.

This year, KKi has been presenting the world with their #KnowWhoMadeIt campaign. Every single item in their shop is hand-signed by the person who made it. They have a section of their website to "Meet the Ladies" behind every product. Their movement asks the question, what makes a product valuable? And what is the true value and impact of knowing the person behind the product? My Dreamers Box Tee was made by the lovely Rosemary Cruz. Holding a garment in my hands that she made, and being able to see her face and write her a thank you note, is such a beautiful thing. It bridges the gap between worlds and reminds me that everything I purchase started somewhere, with someone, and was touched by them in some way. 

It's easy to forget that. When we're sitting in a restaurant and eating dinner and preoccupied with life, it's easy to forget that there's a real person back there who carefully prepared our meal in the kitchen. Or when we're ecstatic over a new decoration for our home, we don't often pause to think: who designed this? Who made it? Where did it come from?

I'm not saying that I'm never going to buy anything from chain stores again or that I don't currently have a Starbucks in my hand, but what I am saying is that it does wonders to feel connected to and invested in something that you're bringing into your life and into your home. It's good for the soul. It's why family heirlooms and handmade gifts from dear friends are so uniquely special. They're items that represent a connection with people, relationships and memories that supersede the simple Target run.

I was especially drawn to the Dreamer Tee because its simple message resonated with me in a profound way. Now that I'm preparing to be a mom, I feel like the bubbles of thought around my heart and mind are all made purely of dreams. I dream of my son, of being a mom, of our future home, of the world as he'll see it in his brand new eyes. I feel a kinship with these women around the world who are working toward a better future for them and their precious families. We are all dreamers of dreams. I'd love to be a part of making some of those come true.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored in part by Krochet Kids intl., but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!

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