Wednesday, March 20, 2013

a foggy day in london town

There's so much to say about the one and only London, England.

The first day of our trip was spent sightseeing, keeping warm, oohing and aawing and exploring the city.
While this is just a taste of our first day (feel free to visit my personal blog for more), it was truly a magical experience!

Dress: Ruche, Jacket: Gifted, 
Pants: Kohl's, Vera Wang (shop!), Purse: Target
Booties: Urbanog (shop!), Earrings: A Child of Whimsy on Etsy
How could I not wear my amazing leather coat on our jaunty trek through London?
Right before we left, I was thrilled to find the perfect little lavender shoulder bag at Target on clearance for $7!
Target is such a great place to look for wardrobe staples and little things to bolster up your closet. Their clearance sections are always a win for me!

It was so cold and dreary (it actually snowed that weekend!) so I was extra glad I had brought some extras for layering!

I've always been pretty hesitant about turtle necks, but this one was my lifesaver. 
I have now vowed to bridge any gap between me and the high-neck blouses, and purchase a few more for such winter weather fashion emergencies.
I've also fallen in love with this pair of asymmetrical earrings that I purchased from a friend of mine on Etsy. Her shop is called A Child of Whimsy and she always has sweet items for sale!

One of the highlights for us was going up in the Eye of London.
The views of the city were incredible. Such a magical moment!

Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the Eye of London...
We definitely had an amazing first day!

Hopefully you won't tire of trip outfit posts, as those will be dominating the blog for a little while! :)
The weather was freezing, layering was a challenge, and my trusty old black coat became my daily staple.
But it was still a grand adventure!

Until next time!

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