Wednesday, March 27, 2013

floral pants are made to dance

Pants: Ruche (shop!), Boots: Urbanog, Purse: Target
Scarf/Coat/Hat: Gifted/Bought long ago

By our third day in London, dressing in the morning had become more about comfort and how many layers you could fit on your body than it did about cuteness.
Although I have to say, having these floral pants along sure did help the process.
While I spent most of the day burying my face in my scarf to block the wind, every time that bright floral came into view I could at least imagine some sunshine.

It also somehow seemed extremely appropriate to be wearing such brightly patterned pants while walking in the footsteps of the Beatles at Abbey Road.
Definitely a highlight for me, having been raised listening to the Beatles with my brothers.
I can't quite describe how amazing it was to stand there imagining what it must have been like in the days when the Beatles recorded at Abbey Road Studios - and writing my own little note on the wall, along with thousands of others.

We also visited The Tower of London, and the Tower Bridge. It was another really great day for us.
We finished the day by seeing Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre, and then heading back to our apartment to get ready to leave for Paris in the morning!

(To see more of our trip, feel free to visit my personal blog.)

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