Wednesday, July 24, 2013

dalmatian plantation

Sometimes I love an outfit enough to wear it more than once!
My husband and I went to Richmond a couple weekends ago for a mini vacation, and this was my last-day outfit. We went to a fancy Sunday brunch, shopped a little, and had a lovely drive back home.

I wore this ensemble because I knew it'd be kind of fun for a day date, but also extremely comfortable.
This polka-dot dress has the perfect amount of bounce to it, and is wrinkle resistant so obviously it's the best for travel (and just for my everyday life since I generally oppose ironing).
I've been staring at this dress hanging on my closet door this week, and I tried to avoid putting together the exact same outfit but I finally decided to just accept that I love it and reject any outfit repeat shame.
The only person who would judge me for the repeat is myself, and maybe some Richmond strangers who may stumble on my blog and be shocked that I would dare wear my mall strolling outfit to work in the same month.

Dress: LOFT (shop!), Top: Old Navy (shop! Only $5.97!), Boots: Urbanog, Earrings: Cookie Lee

I also wore this dress in a little remix series I did, called "5to5".
I mentioned that this dress reminds me of 101 Dalmatians, which it totally does.
The dots are a little hazy and smudgy, and while my husband likes to refer to this as my "cow dress" or "cowgirl" outfit, I tend to focus on the cute puppy dot comparison.

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