Friday, July 26, 2013

royal blue

It's a week for the royal!
Royal baby George was born, and I wore a royal blue dress. It's all very, very important.

I must confess I haven't paid much attention to the royal family - other than to appreciate the fact that Kate Middleton is adorable, and is the definition of class. I also think her post-baby blue polka-dot dress was so sweet, I could cry. 

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She also looks so unbelievably fresh after having just delivered a baby. Tell us your secrets, Katie. 

Dress: J. Crew, Shoes: Gap, Watch: Fossil

I suppose it's a blue polka-dotty kind of week for all of us!

I mentioned a rather ridiculous (and providential) J. Crew outlet sale a while back, where I purchased two new dresses, a skirt and a scarf. This plaid dress was dress number 1, and this blue number is dress 2!

It fits like a royal dream and makes me want to work in a much more prestigious job than I do now.
Maybe as a famous author, or editor, or candlestick maker.
I'd love to do something that I love for a living - shopping? Blogging? Eating cheese?
I know it's possible to work toward something that I'm passionate about, and to build it up to be a career. Sometimes it can be daunting - do I need more school? More experience? How do I even know what I want to do?

I feel like I'm right on the cusp of figuring that out, but often get distracted by other things. Like shopping, blogging and eating cheese.

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