Thursday, September 5, 2013

giant polka dots

When you start to feel that crispness in the air, it's all about the sweaters. 

Normally, I let the sweaters come to me. I glance around and maybe one will be on sale, maybe I see that super cozy sweater in a pile at Target, maybe I'll even order one I come across online if it's particularly irresistible.
But this time, I pursued this sweater. And it was so worth it. 

I saw a post over on Francesca's Instagram account (@francescacollections) with the sweater featured on one of their mannequins, and was determined to find it in our local store!
We ended up going there this past weekend, and I searched high and low but didn't see any fabulous polka dot sweaters.
I finally asked up at the cash register, but the two women working said the only polka dot sweater they had was black with white polka dots.
She offered to go to the back to double check, and I said, yes, please!

Sweater: Francesca's, Bottoms: Old Navy, Purse: Target (shop!), Jewelry: Fossil

The sweater isn't even online yet, so if I were you, I would healthily stalk your local shop like I did until you can coerce them into searching the back for you! (With a smile, and a please and thank you!)
The sweet lady came back with both the black version and this fetching oatmeal version, the one I was after, which I immediately snatched up. I love it!

I'm also pretty obsessed with my purse, which is from Target and has a fox on it. (Because I love foxes, as you know.) I've been instagramming this purse for a few weeks now, with #myfoxpurse, so if you happen to pick up this bag or another foxy purse, join my hashtag!

Speaking of foxes, if you haven't seen this zany video yet, you're welcome. 

Also, for you west coasters who don't feel that crispness in the air, and who hate me for talking about sweaters, foxes and pumpkin spice lattes, read this article that my best friend sent me and know that you're not alone.
Also, I'll be joining your ranks again next year so just let me enjoy my time in the red leaves.


  1. That letter is amazing! And yes, I am jealous over here in the seemingly never ending heat...

    1. I laughed out loud. It's so perfect and I know I'll feel the same way once again (maybe more so) when I'm back in Arizona for good!

  2. Love that sweater!! So cute. And I watched that video. Oh GOODNESS, that is beyond hysterical. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I seriously haven't stopped watching it. It's becoming a sensation!

  3. loving the polka-dot sweater! so so cute!
    Kristin xx

    1. Thanks Kristin! Thanks for stopping by. :)
      Your blog is so cute and refreshing!