Tuesday, September 10, 2013

the dirt on the pencil skirt

I think that's the last time I wore a pencil skirt. (That's me on the left).
Fancy, right?

The thing is, I was in a super dress-coded choir all throughout college. Pencil skirts abounded on a near-daily basis. Pencil skirts, heels, button-ups, cardigans, lipstick, curls. The whole 9 yards.
In fact "dressing to the nines" was a repetitive phrase among us.

When I graduated and finished the last choir tour, I threw out all pencil skirts, lipsticks, and curled hair habits. It was freeing, it was deliberate, and it was wonderful. 
I had grown tired of the hairspray, the split ends, the hours of getting ready. The lipstick teeth. The chapped lips. The sore feet.
My hair has been straight, my skirts have been loose and twirly, and my feet have been clad in boots, sandals and flats.
Until yesterday.

The pencil skirt is back.

In classic rebellion, I went as casual as humanly possible while still donning the fitted skirt.
I've gotta ease back into it.

I've bought two amazing pencil skirts in the last few months, both on sale and too good to pass up. The first was a great textured navy skirt from Anthropologie, which I have yet to wear, and the second is this delightful caramel number from LOFT.
My work is so casual that I'm not sure I'll ever go back to choir-mode again, ever, but I may go as far as tucking in a blouse or two. Maybe I'll even curl my hair again.
Too much, too soon.

Top/Skirt (shop!): LOFT, Shoes/Purse (shop!): Target, Sunglasses: Ruche

Everybody loves foxes.
I posted a video at the end of my last post, and since then it has exploded (definitely not because of me), gone viral and caused children of all ages to go wild with foxiness. I'm all for it.
If you haven't watched it, you're currently over 14 million views behind the times.
(The Fox by Ylvis)

I've pretty much driven my husband crazy singing it, because I think it's in my head until I die.
What does the fox say?

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