Thursday, January 16, 2014

family and hearts

This is a bit of a throwback post, which I suppose is fitting since it's a Thursday.
This isn't that far back, though. It's the simple and casual last day of Dusty's family being in town over Christmas break.
We went downtown, grabbed some coffee, flitted around the farmer's market, ate from a taco truck (which had the most amazing butternut squash tacos - yeah, that's a thing, and you should thank the Lord for them like I already have.)
It was a beautiful day, cold and clear. We ended up driving over to Bedford to visit the D-Day Memorial, which was really lovely and sombering, like most historical war ventures are.

Top: Ross, Sweater (remixed here): Old Navy, Jeans: Thrifted

This is possibly the most inexpensive outfit I have ever put together.
The plaid was a great find at Ross for $12, the sweater was an out-of-season purchase a year or two ago from Old Navy for $5, and the jeans I bought from a local yard sale site for, if I remember correctly, $2. 
The shoes were a gift, bringing the grand total to $19. Score.

I'm definitely not what you'd call a thrifter, but I do appreciate a good bargain and never shy away from friendly hand-me-downs. I've shopped my best friend Becky's closet dozens of times, but she's a shopaholic. Her problem benefits us both so I've never confronted her about it.

These jeans are one of my favorite pairs, because I nabbed them (for $2!) at a time when I was specifically searching for distressed jeans. I had recently watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother where Lily Aldrin was wearing a pair, and I was inspired. I often find my inspiration from characters I love, so this outfit is a tribute to her and her cuteness. 

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