Friday, November 1, 2013

print mixing and baby soft suede

I've found myself on my own a few times in the last few weeks, picture-taking wise.
I would never claim to be an expert, and am still quite unashamedly gobbling up every "self-portrait tutorial" tips I see on other fashion blogs.
Whenever I have to take my own pictures, when my dutiful husband is studying late or has some other commitment, I wander over to these treets to the side of our apartment complex. They're below our parking lot on a hill, and besides a passing car or two, no one is ever around.
I'm still pretty awkward-feeling when it comes to setting up my tripod and posing. I have an idea of how I want something to look like, but I find myself wandering into the same poses, unsure and startled any time I hear a noise.
On this particular venture I stepped up onto a log and the camera kept snapping as the log shifted and I nearly fell over.
I think it's definitely time I invested in a remote -- and hopefully soon, an even better lense.

I loved the way this dress and skirt went together. For you pattern-shy people, this might be like an explosion of pastel that totally repels you.
I think some print mixing can be a quite healthy endeavor. There are a few key tricks, and this outfit demonstrates one I haven't used very often. Pair a tight pattern with a more open one - in this case, the color schemes are pretty much identical, so they complement each other quite nicely.
If the dress was a tight bird print, it wouldn't work as well. Since the prints are different concentrations, I give it my stamp of approval. (Again, I'm much more liberal in patterns than most.) What do you think?

Dress (remixed)/Skirt (remixed): Ruche

On Tuesday I finally pulled out a heart sweater I got on super sale at Old Navy last year.
I almost forgot about it -- I bought it in the warmer months, so I knew I wouldn't be wearing it until it started getting cold again. I found it while I was rummaging through the things at the top of my closet, and was so excited!
It ended up being a part of a very colorful, playful ensemble. I wanted to remix this polka dot dress, and this sweater was the perfect solution. I kind of loved it. 

Dress (remixed)/Boots (remixed)(shop 1, 2) : RucheSweater: Old Navy 
I've talked before about how much I love these boots, but now I almost just want to put them on a pedestal and stare at them instead of wear them because they're the soft suede that is so easily scuffed.
It's a part of boot-wearing life, so I need to just let them live out their life without fear. But I want them to live a very very long time.
Or maybe I'll just buy like 3 back-up pairs.
On that note, Ruche is almost sold out, but I found them a bit cheaper on Urbanog, if you're interested (in buying me back-up pairs)!

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