Tuesday, July 22, 2014

tank top style

I am a sucker for gifts. It's true. I've always been this way. I love to give them, and I love to get them. I think surprises (which gifts should always be) are one of the best parts of life. 
The best of all gifts are the ones that are really thoughtfully put together specifically with you in mind -- themed gifts are my true favorite. 
I've put together some doozies in the past, dedicating far too much time and money into putting together the perfect box of Gatsby or 90's or Glitter themed gifts. 
I'm rarely surprised by other people because I'm obnoxious and usually spoil it before they have the chance, but when I am genuinely surprised by someone or something wonderful it nearly brings me to tears. I love it.

Last night my parents came home from a weekend trip, and as they drove in they grabbed a few packages that were waiting at the mailbox. One of them was a box from Ruche, which you most likely know by now is my favorite online boutique. I shop there more than anywhere else -- it's a company I love because their clothes are beautiful and their customer service is fantastic. They've only been around for 6 years, but their store is constantly growing and they do such a great job of keeping their collection fresh and their features inspirational.
My first thought was that my mom or my husband had bought me something from there as a surprise, but both of them were just as baffled as I was. I opened it, and inside was the most wonderful gift box full of goodies from Ruche! Just because. 
I was so shocked and overwhelmed by it. 

I immediately tried on the clothes and Dusty and I had a mini photo shoot to model them. 

1. Bow Tank (shop!)/Necklace: Ruche
2. Sailor Tank (shop!)/Skirt (shop!)/Shoes: Ruche, Necklace: LOFT

The best part for you people is that the two tanks and the skirt that I'm wearing in these photos are on mega-sale! So if you feel like shopping, today is the day, because they're having an EXTRA 25% off sale items! (ends 7/22 at midnight.)

I couldn't help but laugh while wearing my new sailboat tank top, posing with horses and basking in the setting desert sun. I couldn't be further from the beach life right now. But I certainly felt summery!

Thanks again to Ruche for such an incredible boost to my week and my wardrobe!


  1. Your landscapes are SO gorgeous! I've never been to the desert before and you make it look so amazing! <3 <3

  2. It is amazing!! You'll have to visit the desert sometime in your life -- it's a beauty all it's own.

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