Tuesday, September 9, 2014

ruffle it

top: the shopaholic, dress: ruche

One of my favorite things to do is bizarrely layer blouses over and under my dresses. 

This sheer blouse kind of spoke to me on Friday when I was choosing my work ensemble. I've often layered lace tops over my dresses (confession: doing that right now), and definitely cozy sweaters. But I don't own a lot of sheer blouses. I hate to say it, but I find them pretty inconvenient. 
I love the idea of sheer. Especially sheer sleeves, and lacey things. But I'm not a fan of the required camisole, because bra straps are obnoxious. And strapless bras are even worse. And no-bra is just dangerous. These are real issues of the clothes-wearing woman.
I usually go for the typical tank top underneath something see-through, but it always manages to look tacky to me. It's very hard for me to find sheer tops that I really like. The necessary undergarment is always distracting.

Enter the sheer + dress combo.

There are always solutions. I really love adding items to my closet that can be used for many purposes, and this top is definitely one of them. Tucked into a skirt, paired with skinny jeans, layered over a dress.
And the fact that it's navy is a huge plus. Navy is one of the most amazing remixing colors. It used to be a fairly limited color, but now that people have opened up to the navy + brown (which I adore) and navy + black combos, the possibilities are endless.

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