Thursday, September 4, 2014

ace of patterns

This week I was shamelessly envious of an outfit I saw that featured the above-left skirt. It was worn by the lovely Rebecca of The Clothes Horse
I love her blog for many reasons. She loves foxes, she's an artist, she met and is now engaged to an Irishman (which means incredible Ireland posts), she has tried every possible hairstyle (including the pixie cut, and coloring it red, blue, blonde, pink...), she is wonderful at remixing, and she is brave. I don't think she would ever worry over the question, what would people think of this outfit? She has a style very true to herself and I always love being surprised by the things she loves. In one post she'll be clad in a denim jacket and knee-high gladiator sandals, the next in a renaissance painting skirt with pink hair and milkmaid braids. She's fascinating and I find myself wishing I could borrow her clothes. 
Thanks to that post, I am now daydreaming about similar items from Chicwish. They know how to do patterns! I was practically drooling yesterday. Their clothes are so fun and unique. I'm putting every single one of these items on my birthday/life wishlist. 

Update: just found a few of these items for even cheaper over at another Clothes Horse inspired discovery, Sheinside! They have the painting skirt and the amazing dress below, as well as a stupid number of swoonworthy $20 dresses like this and this. You're welcome. 

But mostly this dress

It's gorgeous. So gorgeous. I could have my own Reign-themed party. And I can just imagine the Fall leaves swirling around me. Even though I live in Arizona. Which is how inspiring this dress is!

But take a gander at the rest of these beauties. 

Which one is your favorite? I absolutely love the London-inspired skirts. I love anything London, really. They're a bit long for my taste, I usually like knee-length skirts a bit better than midi-length. But their wanderlust hems are delightful. They remind me a little of a dress I tried on in Anthropology once - one of those true non-buyers remorse situations.
The floral/galaxy dress above the London skirts reminds me heartily of Guardians of the Galaxy, which I'm totally fine with! I could go on and on. Needless to say, my Chicwish (and Sheinside!wishlist is steadily filling up.
I think I feel the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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