Monday, March 2, 2015

novel dress: fairy tales

the little mermaid by hans christian andersen // esmerelda lace dress

Like many of you, I have received the majority of my folktale education from the workings of Disney. While Disney undoubtedly brings all kinds of magic to life, they don't have the best track record for translating their tales with any accuracy. Not that I'm complaining - I generally prefer their sugared down versions of these beloved fairy tales to the tragic and occasionally gruesome originals.

Even so, I am fascinated by them. I love that some of them have been circulating for centuries, their creators forever anonymous because they were oral storytellers. I have always been drawn to these adventures, even the macabre ones. I have vivid memories of poring over a beautifully illustrated book of Irish Legends that my dad bought us when I was a kid. Some of those stories are absolutely horrible (lovers beheaded, trapped for eternity, cursed, abandoned, etc.), but I loved them all.

These are the inspirations for this novel dress installment. Enjoy the nostalgia of these well-loved stories and their matching dresses on this rainy Monday morning.

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thumbelina by hans christian andersen // beach stroll floral dress
goldilocks and the three bears by robert southey // golden age asymmetrical dress
beauty and the beast by jeanne-marie le prince de beaumont // loyal love floral dress
little red riding hood by the brothers grimm // finding love lace dress
hansel and gretel by the brothers grimm // corner shoppe gingham dress
jack and the beanstalk by steven kellogg (orig. by benjamin tabart) // mont rose striped dress
sleeping beauty by charles perrault // cheer me up lace dress
ali baba and the forty thieves from arabian nights // maura paisley dress
rapunzel by the brothers grimm // asymmetrical tank dress