Monday, June 29, 2015

our house tour!

So I did a thing and I made a house tour video - which, let me be pretty clear, is NOT my expertise. I would really love to get better at it (it's actually on my to-do list this year) but my skills currently are shaky and incredibly basic. But I love that we have a real video of our house before we began working on it, because it already looks SO different!

Our house is a special house. Gummy bears litter the stairs, the previous owners left a giant jar of pickle juice in the pantry and left their used loofahs in the shower. I feel like you should be able to actually press charges for that kind of behavior. In any case, our house is so ready for some folks to come in and love on it. Scrub the walls, repaint, light some candles, burn the carpets.

This house tour video was taken two weeks ago, so already our house is mid-transformation. We've finished painting the entire living room and kitchen areas, and are picking out new floors and appliances as we speak. This place has such potential and we've been constantly dreaming of all of the ways we can work together to realize that potential. It's such an exciting adventure, and we're really putting all of our effort and funds into making this house a home.

Welcome! Come dream with us.


  1. I am SO SO SO SO SO glad we got to SEE the house in person before the extreme make-over. And I can't WAIT to come visit when it is renovated and full of your little family. <3

  2. So cool! You've got so much space! It has amazing potential... and who doesn't love gummy bears?!

  3. That seems so long ago! It is already so so's so special that you guys got to see it in all of its putrid glory. :) I cannot WAIT until you see it again!

  4. The gummy bears are finally going bye bye today, the carpet cleaners are going to handle those bad boys... gotta say it's a little bittersweet ;)