Saturday, October 4, 2014

26 before 27

I think 25 has been my favorite age so far. It's the perfect age, really. I love it.

And today is my last day of it. Thank goodness it's a Saturday because I have got to do things! I've got to paint the town a bright color or kick up my boots or something!
I'm about to turn 26. And. Yup, I'm starting to panic.
I don't think I really like the idea of being in my late twenties. Because this is official, now! There's no avoiding it. I'm crossing that line into real adulthood. Of the "you're old" variety. It's a very different line than before, I can feel it in my slowing metabolism.

I've wanted to make this list for a few years now, but never got around to making it. So to cheer myself up and to also encourage myself to get excited about a productive year of happiness and change and goal-making, I've decided to create a list of 26 things to do before I turn 27. 

  1. create the perfect lavender latte thank you, Verismo machine 12.20.14
  2. find a signature scent classic burberry 10.6.14
  3. aim to write 500 words per day still writing - slowly but surely
  4. find a house! we bought a house! 6.15.15
  5. travel to a new country
  6. learn how to braid my own hair
  7. go to the renaissance festival opening weekend! 2.7.15
  8. get my nose pierced
  9. visit colin and victoria they came to AZ! 4.25.15
  10. learn to speed read
  11. commence the gatsby club
  12. visit the grand canyon with colinoria! 4.30.15
  13. make homemade macarons eureka! 10.4.15
  14. ride in a hot air balloon
  15. dye the ends of my hair purple and I love it! 11.26.14
  16. get a video-camera to film our adventures working on iPhone video skills! 
  17. achieve my health {weight} goals MADE A BABY INSTEAD! Due 12/30/15. #schantababy
  18. read 36 books 25 - I'm getting there!
  19. be more relationally intentional {darn you, telephone} Getting a little better - I've even called some people this year. On my own. Without being coerced.
  20. get a pixie cut!
  21. finally watch casablanca with my dad
  22. complete a first book draft
  23. go on a camping trip
  24. plant a backyard garden
  25. decorate a friends-inspired kitchen
  26. roadtrip to a new state 4th of July in Utah! #schanclanUT15

Throughout the year I'll return to this list to cross things off.
Just like new year's resolutions, there is a pretty big chance I won't finish this list. My motivation for doing this isn't to make a bunch of empty promises - it's more about being intentional to set aside time and really think about what I'd love to accomplish this year. Laying out a list of wishes.

This list is a mix of new things and classic givens. For instance, going to the Renaissance Festival is obviously going to happen. It's basically giving myself a freebie. I went to the Ren Fest (it's what us cool people call it. I use the word cool very loosely) every year growing up, and moving to Virginia broke that streak. I have missed it quite fiercely. I can't wait for Spring!
There are also the new and more challenging things on my list. Some of them I'll chicken out on, or decide against, or totally change my mind about - maybe instead of making macarons I'll just buy a dozen of them from a cafe and call it a day. But in making this list, I realized a lot of things I've often thought about doing or trying or learning that manage to slip through the cracks of daily life. Like braiding my hair! Eegads, I really just need to learn to do that. It'll only take a few YouTube videos and practice runs, but it's something I always forget to try. Now I have a list and a mental note to cross it off.
Many of these items will be success stories, and I'm pretty excited to find out which ones. 


  1. Ok I'll totally make macarons with you! My MIL taught me how. It's not easy but it would be fun to do it with you!

  2. Yeah!! Let's do it! My friend made some with Victoria and I but she did all the work. ;) I'd love to make some myself!

  3. Leah Marie TheodosisOctober 9, 2014 at 11:39 AM

    Here is a cooking class that I have always wanted to attend that might help you with the macarons:

    You also should do number 21 before 19! Good luck!!

  4. Haha thanks!! I definitely put this list in a super sporadic order. ^_^
    This class looks awesome! I've never taken a cooking class before!

  5. Leah Marie TheodosisOctober 9, 2014 at 1:04 PM

    Me neither. I have heard great things about their cooking classes though. And if you follow that link and click on "menu", those flavors sound perfect!!