Tuesday, January 22, 2013

coral + apples

I am really drawn to whimsy.
Perhaps it's the animal-lover in me, or my sensitive side, or too many episodes of New Girl, but whenever I see a cutesie print I smile and have a deeply rooted need to own it.
This has followed me into my adult style, and I'm proud to say I think I've avoided being tacky with my whimsical cravings. Maybe. Sometimes.

I saw this apple-print dress at Ruche a few months ago, and immediately began imagining how I'd wear it. 
I finally got up the gumption to buy it (I've dictated that I can only buy things after appropriate lengths of waiting and saving and gumption, to avoid impulse buying) and couldn't wait to wear it!

Coat: Gifted/Target, Cardigan: Ireland, Dress: Ruche (shop)
Tights: Target, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Gifted

If you can't tell already, it was an absolutely gorgeous evening. It was so cold and crisp, and this part of campus looks like a page out of a Sherlock Holmes novel.

This dress was the perfect transitional piece from work outfit, to date night outfit. 
With the cardigan, belt, and statement necklace it was a fun and office-appropriate ensemble. 

Without those things, it becomes effortless evening wear with dynamite sleeves.
It's such a cool dress.
The sleeves are near medieval, with a soft and loose fit that flows with your movement.

I love this print.
It's so vibrant and detailed, covered from seam to seam in tiny polka dots.
Ruche has two other items in this print that are also really sweet, a Curvy Plus Dress and a Blouse.

All I needed was this stud to complete the daydream.

Bond, James Bond.

Or rather, Holmes. Sherlock Holmes.

What a lovely spot.
I'm sure we'll be visiting there again soon!

Covered in apples,

Sherlock Holmes: "There's one odor I can't put my finger on. 
Is it candy floss, molasses... Ah! Barley sugar."
(Watson turns around to see two goons enter, one holding a...)
Dr. John Watson: "...Toffee apple."

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