Friday, January 25, 2013

layering: lace and dresses

I couldn't be more excited for a Friday.
This week has been long and cold, and I'm ready for the slightly warmer weekend - I'm planning on cleaning, reading, sleeping, more reading, and drinking coffee and tea as much as possible. 

I had the pleasure of getting a long-awaited package in the mail this week!
I don't know about you, but I love mail. 
It's the most wonderful feeling, opening up our mailbox and seeing a letter or envelope for me. Or even better, a box waiting at our door!
This dress was an especially exciting delivery, because I paid $5 for it.
I often shop on Zulily, which is a site that has daily deals for women and their babies/kids. I don't have kids, but I still really love their deals on dresses and shoes! I've also found some great apartment decorations, and occasionally fun gifts like kitchen knick-knacks and grilling tools for the hubby.
Zulily kindly sent me a "thank you for being our awesome customer!" e-mail with a $10 credit to my account.

$15 dress - $10 gift credit = $5, and one very happy Caitlin.

Cardigan: Gifted/Banana Republic (similar), Top: Ruche, Dress: Zulily
Tights: Target, Boots: DSW

I've measured my life by these trees. Starting here...and all the way up there. And still, they grow.
So much life to live, but I no longer imagine it alone.
-Prince Henry, Ever After
This amazing cashmere sweater was an anniversary gift from my lovely husband.
It's probably the most extravagant article of clothing I own, aside from my wedding dress.
I have to resist wearing it every single day, so as not to wear it out too quickly.

This dress filled my desire to have a spaghetti-strap dress to wear with this fantastic lace blouse from Ruche.
I'm still experimenting with ways to wear it, but I like it best when layered with other pieces, as opposed to just wearing it by itself with a camisole. 

I'm slowly building my collection of peter pan collars. I have to say, I love them. A lot.
I recently looked up the history of the peter pan collar and found out that it was named after the collar of the costume worn by miss Maude Adams, when she famously played Peter Pan on stage in 1905.
I think this little historical tidbit has solidified my enamor for it. 

The pattern of this dress is funky in a way that I really like.
The golden buttons on it are a nice detail. I think I'm going to have fun remixing this dress for other outfits.
I love the slight bell-like flare it has coming down from the waist, and it's extremely comfortable.

What are your plans for the weekend?
Whatever they are, I hope you're staying warm and enjoying these magical winter months.
Rumor has it it's snowing outside at this very moment!
Without any windows in my little library office, I'm bursting at the seams for the clock to strike 4:30 so I can fly outta here and catch some snowflakes. 

Happy Friday!


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