Tuesday, January 29, 2013

new hair + parisian flair

It was almost warm enough yesterday to go without a coat in the early evening. Almost. 
Today, it is a boiling 66 degrees and I'm already planning on getting a snow cone after work!
I can't wait to soak up the warmth of the afternoon.

Cardigan: J. Crew, Scarf: Gifted/World Market (shop), Dress: Ruche (similar, similar)
Jeans: Forever 21 (shop), Boots: Urbanog (similar, similar), Headband: J. Crew
I did it.
I talked about it earlier (last week), and managed to get to the salon for a fresh bob.
It's not super short, which I'm happy about! But even so, my husband cringed a little at the first cut.
Men do love long hair!
For the first time, I went for the a-line lob look. Unfortunately, I made that bangs-cutting mistake earlier this year, so they're still growing out and get in the way of a true, straight a-line cut.

To me, this outfit speaks volumes in favor of travel. 
I think Melina from The Caffeinated Closet has been a subtle influence to that effect!
I'm dreaming of Paris often these days, hoping we can make a trip there soon.
I think my subconscious was working toward a Paris-worthy outfit yesterday, with the classic stripes and layers.

Short dresses make for great layering tools in cold weather.
This dress served as a very comfortable tunic yesterday, layered over jeans, combat boots and a scarf and cardigan!

This spot on the hill is a pretty incredible view of Lynchburg.
I got a bit distracted from picture-taking as lights started to twinkle in the early evening light, lit from all the houses and businesses sprawled out below.

 Without the layers, the dress is soft and sweet, little fabric-twist bows on each shoulder.

Warm weather will definitely be welcome!

Can't wait for that snow cone in an hour or two. :)

Enjoy your Tuesday, too!

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