Tuesday, November 4, 2014

style crush: le happy

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I've recently become infatuated with the incredibly popular blog, Le Happy

She has hundreds of thousands of followers (over a million on her Instagram), but I actually came across her page on Facebook because she was featured on Chicwish

The photo above was the featured outfit, and I think it caught my eye for a couple of reasons. I love galaxy prints, first of all. I also love color-tipped hair. I immediately saved the photo for future reference in case I ever wanted to dye my entire head red with blonde tips. I'm not sure what it is entirely about her style, but there's something that really resonates with me. 
A piece of my style world is perfected in her outfits. The bit of grunge, bold galaxy prints, funky layers, metallics, Lennon-style sunglasses, an affinity for cats and macarons, skinny jeans and tights. 

My style can also be very feminine and romantic at times, with lace and florals and vintage dresses. But I think if my style could be described as a schizophrenic's collection of personalities, Le Happy would be one of them. 

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As I wrote on my 26 before 27 list, I hope to dye the tips of my hair purple this year. I'm contemplating achieving that goal over Thanksgiving weekend. I work for the city's elementary school district, and staff technically aren't allowed to dye their hair. Since I work behind a desk and not with students, though, I'm going to try spending Thanksgiving break with some fun hair and see if I can keep it for a week or two. If not, I'll go ahead and cut my hair or dye it back.

I'll leave you with some of my Pinterest hair dreams:

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