Monday, November 3, 2014

hooked on a feeling

Sweater (remixed 1 / 2)Francesca'sLace Top (shop!) (similar 1 / 2 / 3)Ruche
Leggings (similar!) (remixed 1 / 2 / 3)Vera Wang (from Kohl's

I've become a really big fan of big, comfy sweaters lined with lace. I've been eyeing a few sweaters that fit the bill, but when I saw this really fluffy lace-trimmed tank top on sale over at Ruche last month I decided that perhaps I could create the look for a bit cheaper! I can also now apply this frilly layer to multiple sweaters in my closet.

This fun layering couldn't come at a better time, because we finally had our first supremely gorgeous Fall day yesterday. It was crystal clear and glorious, bright-aired and stunning. It was a high of 72 degrees which is straight-up cold for us Arizonans.
My mom was hosting a horse clinic this whole weekend, so the stables were swarming with happy horse riders, learning and laughing and socializing. Dustin and I brought our coffee out to the barn house porch to watch for a little while, and we were all shivering in the breeze! It was such a wonderful sensation. There's something in the air, a certain scent of chill. I'm hooked on that feeling of Fall.

To really up the ante, Starbucks released their red cups this weekend! Most states have already been enjoying cold weather for a while (even snow, which is mind-boggling), but these festive red cups which signify so much holly jolly could not have come at a better time here in Arizona. It's time for sweaters and sandals, which is the Arizona way.
Dustin and I made our first voyage to the red-cupped Starbucks in town and took celebratory photos as part of their #redcupcontest to win a sterling silver Starbucks card. It seems like a pretty absurd thing, to have a sterling silver Starbucks card, but now I need one. 

November is a thrilling time. I wish I could be spending my entire day outside on the porch, sipping from hot mugs and reading a good book. (Jane Austen's Emma, to be precise, which is my book club's selection this month!).