Tuesday, April 14, 2015

featured artist: hajin bae

Green art print | Hajin Bae

I recently came across the artwork of Hajin Bae when the photo above was chosen by Hello Giggles to represent my article on individuality. Unfortunately, Hajin Bae was not informed of its usage and HG did not properly credit her work. I woke up on Sunday morning to a lot of outraged tweets directed toward me about the injustice, and I had to explain that I did not choose the artwork (as much as I love it!) and hoped that Hello Giggles would work with Hajin Bae to resolve the issue. The photo in the article has since been replaced by another, and they are (hopefully) working to appropriately make amends.

Having friends that are full-time creatives has exposed me to the frustrations of art theft, and I would never willingly or knowingly participate in it. I love investing in the creations of others, and I have a vision of someday filling an entire wall in my home with work that I love and admire from other artists.

I wanted to take the time to feature some of Hajin Bae's artwork here, because I still adore the green-haired beauty above and feel that it perfectly represents what I wrote. I purchased the art print and cannot wait to hang it on that art room wall someday.

Hajin Bae is from Seoul, Korea, and her artwork has been featured all over the world. Check out her website for full details about her career and for more of her work. You can also purchase prints, clothing, and other accessories of her art over at Society6.com/HajinBae. I especially love her character creations with bright hair and uniquely stunning details. It was very difficult to choose my favorites! I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do.

Hajin Bae:

Woman in Blue art print | Hajin Bae
Pink Hair Girl art print | Hajin Bae
Red & Girl art print | Hajin Bae
French Girl clock | Hajin Bae
Red Lips clock | Hajin Bae

Girl art print | Hajin Bae
Spring & Girl art print | Hajin Bae
Girls in Blue phone case | Hajin Bae
Green tote bag | Hajin Bae

Bubble Gum Girl phone case | Hajin Bae
#01 throw pillow | Hajin Bae

Love is Always There art printHajin Bae
Night art print | Hajin Bae

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