Thursday, April 23, 2015

vogue is a cat lady

To land on your feet, fashion-wise, lose the heel.

It's fitting that although my blog name is inspired by Vogue magazine, the first time I'm featuring anything Vogue-related is when they decide to use cats as models.

The cat and the flat is a playful (and oh so fluffy!) Spring editorial featuring this season's name brand flats and their much cuter counterparts, da cats. The spread consists of 31 photos, one for every day of March. I feel a certain pride and contentment that Vogue is a cat lady.

I think my favorite part of the editorial are the details below each photo - such as the names of the cats, like Princess Monster Truck, Carmelo Anthony, Capone, and the little kitten named Pignoli. They also use all ordinary felines, many of them up for adoption! I'm sure these Vogue mittens have been snatched up already. Princess Monster Truck is already a celebrity, though, and spoiled rotten I'm sure. She's the grizzly one with the adorable underbite that makes her look like a cuddly troll.

Now shhhh and look at the kittens.

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