Wednesday, April 3, 2013

a snowy day in paris

It's easy to see why Paris is beloved by all.
The art, the architecture, the streets, the history, the food, the all sparkles with its own spirit of beauty.
Take it from me: if you ever go to Paris, go ahead and get a Nutella crepe, but also try the Grand Marnier crepe. It's divine.
There's nothing like taking in the age-old sights with a warm crepe in hand.
And Starbucks, just to feel at home :)

As with all of my trip outfits, I had to be extremely creative with how I bundled up!
It's not easy to look or feel cute when you're wearing the same big black coat and boots every day.
However, it very quickly became warmth over cuteness!
Our first day in Paris was all snow and chilly breezes, so it was essential to try and layer our clothes as much as possible to take the bite out of the cold.
This is how I managed to stay warm while still feeling feminine and making use of some of the cute items in my suitcase:

1. I wore tights under everything. In this instance, my bottom layers are Target tights, Forever 21 skinny jeans, and then the dress!
2. I wore socks over my tights and the tips of my jeans, to add extra warmth for my feet.
3. I wore a turtle neck under everything almost every day, as well as a buttoned-up cardigan (sometimes two, or an added cashmere sweater), the dress, and then a scarf and coat.

Feel free to message me for any trip details, and head on over to my personal blog for full details of our experiences. In the meantime, let all the pictures do the talking:

Dress: Ruche (similar), Jeans: Forever 21 (shop!), Boots: Urbanog (similar), (similar),
Purse: Target, Scarf: Disneyland, Sunglasses: Ruche (shop!)

We were pretty tired out and numb from our first day, and the perfect way to remedy that was to go to Laduree for dessert and hot tea.
I would highly recommend this fancy haven for a sweet treat and definitely for their famous macarons!

What a perfect way to end a perfect day. :)

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