Thursday, April 25, 2013

mixing prints: springtime

April has been passing by at an alarming rate.
The weather has been somewhat confusing, teasing spring but sneaking in some leftover winter.

I finally begin to get excited about spring trends and floral prints and cute dresses, and I walk outside and the cold wind takes me completely by surprise.
I should probably just make a habit of double checking the weather (a weather app with a Wind dial is especially valuable for dress-wearing!).

In any case, this outfit was the perfect solution for the uninvited cold day we had on Tuesday.
It had some of my favorite spring colors, including a vibrant floral print, as well as a cute dress I picked up in London in March.

Dress/Scarf: Primark in London, Belt: Ruche, Pants: Vera Wang (similar) via Kohl's (remixed, remixed), Shoes/Cardigan: gifted

I love mixing prints.
It always feels a bit daring and even a bit crazy, but every once in a while I'll see two things hanging in my closet that somehow seem destined for one another.
This outfit was kind of a great accident.

I look forward to wearing this dress on fun summer weekends, walking downtown or visiting nearby towns to go shopping.
It has cute cut-outs on the side, and has an irresistible vintage feel to it.
Also, the print is so pretty and is neutral enough to have a lot of remix potential.
It reminds me of Fox and the Hound and Where the Red Fern Grows, or the kind of old wallpaper I used to love to look at; my grandma had this great vintage wallpaper in one of her guest rooms, that had all these hidden treasures to find, like magnifying glasses and maps and glasses. I love the details of a print like this.

I've been a little daring with my wardrobe all week, layering pieces I've never layered before and trying out new dresses with odd combinations.
Today I'm wearing a dress on top of a dress.
So who knows what the future holds!

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