Friday, April 12, 2013

signs of spring

I don't think I've ever been this anxious for Spring to arrive.

Since we moved to Virginia, it seems like Fall has been the season to capture my undivided attention. Fall is the season that is most elusive, most exciting for an Arizona girl like me. We don't have the bright yellows and oranges of changing leaves in the west coast, the sight of crisp apple orchards and bright Autumn hues, and the feel of Thanksgiving around the corner.
I distinctly remember a man telling me last year, "Just wait until Spring. In the Spring is when Lynchburg is truly beautiful."
I'm not sure I believed him, especially since I was mentally jumping into a giant pile of Fall leaves in the corner of my eye.

But this year, I'm paying attention. I'm seeing it. I'm feeling it.

Dress: J. Crew, Cardigan, old: (similar!), 
Shoes: Ruche (shop!), Earrings: Betsey Johnson (shop!)
Bangle: Kate Spade

My new self-appointed Spring trend is small pastel bags.
I found a small rectangle lavender bag, which was perfect for our trip to London and Paris.
While we were in London, I found two more small bags on sale in a great shop called Primark. One is a little circle bag, in a taupe hue with little gold studs. The other is a pretty mint blue with a tassel on the zipper.
I've never been much of a bag person, but I'm starting to be!
These little guys will be perfect for light and Spring-y outfits. All I need are my sunglasses, lip gloss and wallet and I'm good to go!

Bright white and pink blossoms have appeared all over the city, and now even the trees are beginning to sprout their little lime green leaves. It's such a powerfully fresh image, and everywhere I look I'm inspired.

What are your favorite things about Spring? :)

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