Wednesday, November 6, 2013

frocktober: the end

Halloween dawned drizzly and melancholy, which I suppose was fitting for the holiday.
We actually took these pictures in the light rain that afternoon, but the beautiful tree above me blocked almost all of it.
I was imagining all the kids praying for clear skies before nightfall so they could trick or treat in good weather!

Our Halloween was simple. Candy, apple cider, pumpkin carving, and Children of the Corn. Can't get more Halloweeny than that!
I must say, I enjoy scary movies. But I'm very, very picky, because I'm very easily scared. So if I'm going to spend the night in total terror, I want it to be worth it. It needs to be a great movie. (Secret Window, The Orphanage, Signs...ok, ok, I know. Signs isn't that scary. But when I saw it in theaters at 14, it was scary enough.)
Or, as was the case with Children of the Corn, it needs to be so old and so cheesy that I can still sleep at night. 

Dress: Lauren Conrad/Kohl's, Top: Ruche, Booties: Urbanog

I've always enjoyed a little bit of creepiness. I enjoy cozying up with Dustin, anticipating the strange and terrible, plugging my ears and squinting my eyes if it's particularly intense. 
Even better is watching a great scary movie (or show -- have you watched Sleepy Hollow? One of my favorite new shows this Fall!) with a group of friends.
I don't celebrate Halloween, really -- I just like candy, and cider, and carving pumpkins. I love Fall, and that's all Halloween really is to me. It's wearing orange tights and binge-eating almond Snickers. It signifies the last big bash of my birthday month, my lovely October. It's the beginning of Thanksgiving time. It's a time to sit in the living room, jumping up whenever the doorbell rings, to see the cute groups of kids running around like I used to do, asking for candy. It's not evil, it's just imagination. I'm a lover of imagination, stories, magic, beauty, fairytales. 

October (and, in effect, Frocktober) was a beautiful month. A little sad to bid farewell.
But very excited for all the treasures of November! Even if the leaves aren't quite as bright, I'll just have to burn more candles and hang some glitter to make up for it. 

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