Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cara Box: all about fall

This was my second time participating in Cara Box (see the first month here!), and once again I absolutely loved it.
The theme this time was fall, so obviously I loved every bit of it!
I met Cait over at My Life as a Long (check out my guest post for her!), and I sent her a fall-inspired box last week. I also met Charity of Our Pemberley, who sent me the most adorable box ever. 
I loved chatting with these ladies over the past 6 weeks, talking about pumpkin spice and travel and marriage. Having the opportunity to connect with other women in such an encouraging way is pretty amazing. I call them my pen pals, because it is kind of nostalgic, thinking about writing notes to people you may never meet. It brings back images of gel pens and stickers and handwritten letters.

As I was opening my box, I had my husband take pictures of my authentic reactions to each item. I love opening things. A lot.

Charity is so sweet. When we first got connected, I found out that she is also a law wife! Such a crazy coincidence, but I think it ended up being a perfect match. We were able to talk about some of the blessings and struggles of law school, and I think it was really encouraging for both of us.
She put so much thought into my box. I was so thrilled with everything. I felt like she had known me for years!
The polka dotted plate and mug and the fox necklace were all from Anthropologie, one of my very favorite stores. She said when she saw the fox, she thought of me immediately. So sweet!
She handmade the crochet beanie and flower headband (which I've worn twice this week already, whoops!), which I love.
The dishtowel is adorable, with a recipe for "Easy Streusel Apple Pie" on it. She also included two nail polishes, and a sweet handwritten card.
That's one of the best requirements of this whole exchange -- a handwritten note of encouragement.
As Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals (the creator of Cara Box) says: It's great to get items that put a smile on your face, but kind words will last in your heart forever.

I'm so thankful I was able to meet these two lovely ladies! I still keep in touch with the first two women I met in this exchange, through their blogs and Instagrams. I would absolutely encourage anyone and everyone to participate, because it has been so much fun! And a definite extra blessing of blogging. (You can also participate if you don't blog, though! You'll be assigned with other non-bloggers!).
Do it. :)

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