Saturday, August 2, 2014

first things first

As with any true and grand celebration, the first thing we did when Dustin finished the bar exam on Wednesday was say, "LET'S GO EAT!"

I love food. Everyone does, because basically, I'm not gonna sugarcoat it (mmmm, but sugarcoating...), you'd die without it. Sometimes I think it's only natural that obesity takes over so many people's lives, because you can't actually give up food. An addict has no escape. 
Your life will not be better without food. It's not like you can go to a rehab dedicated to removing you from situations where food may come near you. Training you to be a better person without food. Food WILL come near you. Food will always get you in the end. 

All that being said, the true story behind these photos is that we were mega sucking-it-in because we were halfway through a stuff-your-face marathon of Italian foodery. 
Maggiano's (if you've heard of it, you know) is the perfect celebration spot, because they have something called Family Style which is an all-you-can-eat option made of a handful of appetizers and pastas and lemon cookies from the goddess of baking. 
You get to try a little bit everything, and then try it all again and again and again.

I've been wearing some fabulous hand-me-downs every day this week. My best friend, God bless her, is a shopaholic of the most charming kind.
Charming because I get all of her clothes when she cleans out her closet, which is often, because who could ever fit all of that fabric in one closet? Nobody. Which is why she also has clothes at her parent's house, but still, exploding with clothing. It's an arrangement that I'm more than happy to keep, and she feels great knowing that her clothes live on in another completely unique and special life (which also gives her the gumption to keep shopping, because charity and giving are good qualities).

It has been a wonderful week, and we are spending this well-earned weekend in California with Dusty's brother and sister-in-law! We get to see family and friends and maybe even our alma mater, CBU.
We will eat and beach and be merry.

Cheers to a fabulous August!

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