Wednesday, August 6, 2014

postcards from california

A quick look at our little Californian adventure.

We arrived late Friday night, as it took a couple more hours to get there than normal, due to some strange traffic and construction. We were staying with Dustin's brother and sister-in-law, who just moved to Long Beach from San Diego! Danny and Erin are expecting a baby boy this October, so they're currently living with her parents until their new house is ready. 
We went to Trump International, walking along the golf course and hiking down to the beach. It was a bit muggy and overcast, but beautiful. We grabbed fish tacos for lunch in the sketchiest of all neighborhoods, fearing for our lives when a set of firecrackers went off. I think they must play that trick a lot. Dustin ducked to the side like a pro, but I'll mention that he did not try to save me from the faux-bullets. 

After that we went back to the house to get ready! That evening we were renting a Duffy boat for a few hours, to eat out on the water and toast to Dustin finishing the bar exam. A few other couple friends of ours drove out to join us, which was so much fun. We ate our gourmet hand-chosen dinners from Gelson's supermarket and chatted. It had been a long time since we were able to visit all together! All three girls were bridesmaids in my wedding, so it's always fun to look back over the course of our marriage and see how much everything has changed for everyone. I'm so glad they're still in my life.
After the Duffy boat ride a few of us went back to the house and relaxed in the hot tub in the backyard, and then ate some ice cream in front of the fireplace! Our friends then had to drive back home, so the four of us got in our pjs and slept like babies. It was the perfect day.

Sunday morning they took us to The Hangout for brunch at Seal Beach, then took a few minutes to walk along the pier. We had a long drive ahead of us, so we said goodbye to Danny and Erin and headed towards Riverside! Dustin and I went to CBU for college, so we couldn't help stopping by for some quick reminiscing. We went by our old apartments, walking hand-in-hand as we took in everything that has changed since we went to school there. It was pretty overwhelming!
We actually got stopped by a campus policeman, who apparently thought we were pretty fishy, taking photos and laughing and sighing at everything. I think he thought we were dangerously emotional. 

We grabbed some much-needed Starbucks and hopped over to Redlands to see my cousins, who just moved into a gorgeous new home (actually, into a gorgeous old home). 
It was such a fantastic weekend. Even though it took us a freakish 8 hours to get there, and almost 9 to get home (more weird traffic/construction/storm damage), it was well worth the drive. We love California!

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