Saturday, October 17, 2015

backyardigans {frocktober, day 15}

It's the weekend at last! Friday was a good day. Work has been a bit interesting the last few months, but things finally seem to be settling in to a new normal. Friday felt like a solid step forward, which is hopeful and refreshing. The same can be said for the house progress. This weekend will be a big one. It's going to give us a really good idea of when and if we can move in this month.

The main setback to us actually diving in and living there full-time has been the kitchen. Specifically the countertops. We are doing our own DIY renovation to the majority of them, which will hopefully take place in the next week or so... we're attempting to do concrete. I'm not sure if I've said that out loud yet. But we're going to try our hand at sculpting our own concrete countertops! Wish us luck. A lot of luck.

The tricky part, though, is that we need our island countertop (which holds the kitchen sink) replaced and lengthened so that it can accommodate bar stools. So no DIY attempts there. We've been trying to hire a local guy to do the work for us, but it's been a slow process. After a week of back and forth, we finally have an installation date: November 5th.

As I said, this weekend feels like a definite shifting point. There's a spark in the air. The biggest projects are done (more or less), and we have dates in place for the rest. We'll actually be moving in a few loads of furniture either today or tomorrow, which does wonders to making it actually feel like our house. On Thursday we went over to the house and took these outfit photos (this dress was given to me ages ago by a friend, and it was always too long - but my belly width has perfected it!), and I actually thought of it as my backyard. Making that shift from strangers/guests to true backyardigans feels mighty fine.


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