Thursday, October 29, 2015

31 weeks {frocktober, days 27-28}

Outfit 1: Dress 123456
Outfit 2: Dress / Cardigan

I don't have a lot to say this morning, except that WE'RE GOING TO NORTH CAROLINA TONIGHT! Technically we're getting on a plane tonight - we're flying overnight on a red eye. So we won't really be in NC until tomorrow. BUT the excitement remains and I can hardly stand it! This work day is dragging by. Wishing I could take a nap and sleep some of that time away. I'm really on board with that nap desk idea
It's almost as if Arizona knows that we're leaving, and is trying to tempt us to stay with the most gorgeous weather this morning. As soon as I stepped outside I just had to pause and take a second to breathe it in. It's a little taste of that North Carolina air. (Sorry, AZ). 

We're also 31 weeks now! He is the most active baby in the world, I'm certain of it. I cannot wait to meet him. He's going to be a hoot. He's constantly wiggling, hiccuping, twirling, dancing, kicking, snuggling. Sometimes he gets right up in my ribs and just nudges me, heyyyyy. 

I'll be blogging the last few days of Frocktober a little late, since I won't be blogging while we're gone. I'll just be enjoying the time with our friends and soaking it all in - our last little trip before baby! We have the best Halloween costumes planned (to go along with our previous Disney couple ensembles...), and I also have an incredible story to tell you all about a baby blanket that I found mysteriously sitting on my desk chair this week at work. It's a great one. See you all next week! 

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