Thursday, October 8, 2015

sweater dresses {frocktober, day 7}

Leggings: Pink Blush Maternity

I've been living in leggings and stretchy dresses. While I'm technically participating in this "challenge" called Frocktober, I actually think it's much easier to wear dresses at this point. 

I'm borrowing an extravagant amount of maternity clothing from my sister-in-law, and she included a few tank top dresses/stretchy bodycon dresses from Forever 21 (one of which I wore last week). They're amazing. I would have never tried wearing them before, because they're so fitted and would hug me in all the wrong places. But when you've got a belly goin' on and just want to be covered from head to toe in comfy elastic fabrics, they're the best. You can layer them over leggings or wear them with jeans like a long tank top. They're the greatest non-maternity item I have at my disposal. They're so comfortable, and so inexpensive. 

So there ya go. Some maternity tips from yours truly. Cozy sweater dresses, maternity leggings and stretchy bodycon dresses are what dreams are made of.

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