Friday, October 2, 2015

symbols {frocktober, day 1}

Harry Potter dress (remixed 1, 2, 3): sold out/Harry Potter Shop
Boots: Urbanog, Belt: Forever 21

Yesterday dawned as the glorious first day of Frocktober. I love this challenge. I hope it continues to grow every year. This year is especially bizarre, since it's a maternity Frocktober for me, but the spirit remains and I love seeing other women participate and be encouraged and inspired by this fun challenge. It means different things for different people, but I hope it always provides an outlet for creativity and intentional living.

This is pattern mixing at its simplest and best. I love pairing a black and white pattern with something bright, like these pink and gold stripes. Because it was the first day of October, I wore boots in protest of the 106 degree weather. I also celebrated by wearing my Harry Potter symbols dress, because October, among other things, makes me think of Hogwarts and magic and pumpkin-filled feasts that I long to attend.

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