Thursday, October 15, 2015

catching up {frocktober, days 10-13}

Frocktober continues, though I've been slow to post. Our evenings have been full of get-togethers and house work, so the blogging has settled to the back-burner a little bit. I've still been able to take a few quick photos every day (many of them against our newly painted walls), as proof of my dress-wearing and continued commitment to the cause!

This teal lace dress is one of my favorites (worn herehere, here, here, and a few times during my first Frocktober), but it's always been on the shorter side so I typically wear it with skinny jeans or tights and boots. Now, with my added belly width, it's definitely shortened into a tunic/tank top! But I'm still counting it as a dress. My favorite way to wear it is by layering a plain or striped shirt underneath.

My other favorite remix from the week was this green dress (worn here and here) with this incredibly long and cozy mint green Anthropologie sweater. They both have a layered handkerchief hem, so they almost morphed into one bizarre and ruffly color-blocked dress. The whole outfit was so flowy it made me feel like twirling all day long, which is always a plus.

We're heading back to the house to do more work this evening. We'll see if I can keep from drowning in our fabulous list of to-dos! Tally ho.

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