Thursday, February 7, 2013

layering: plaid, sweater, lace

Yesterday's outfit was a mix and match of some of my favorite things.
Plaid, lace, and cozy sweaters. 
I bought this amazing purple lace skirt at LOFT a few months ago, and have only worn it once or twice. 
I've been waiting to find that "it" combination, for a casual everyday outfit that really showcases it. 
I've also been trying to view some of my darker colors as neutrals - experimenting with different color combinations. 
So yesterday I put together the interesting outfit. I ended up really liking how it came together, even though it was a somewhat odd combination!
Upon arriving at Starbucks, the oddity of the ensemble was confirmed by the barista.

You must have the most interesting personal style of anyone I've ever met. Every time you come in here I think, wow. I never would've thought of putting that together. Good for you, though. 

I decided to take it as a compliment, even though it could have also been a sneaky insult. But it confirmed that I was being innovative, and also that I may go to Starbucks too much.

Sweater: Target, Top: J. Crew, Skirt: LOFT
Tights/Shoes: Target, Earrings: Gifted/Steinmart
I've found myself reaching for these simple oxford-style shoes more than anything else in my closet.
When I don't feel like wearing boots, these little guys beckon to me. 
They're so comfortable, and work great for the tights-wearing, grab-and-go kind of days. 
Which has been pretty much every day this week. 

If you're looking for something similar, there are definitely plenty of options out there!

Nine West Oxford Flats

Almond Toe Lace-Ups
Waterfall Oxford Flat
Studded Round Toe

Pop of Color Oxfords
Jiselle Oxford Flats

Unfortunately none of those options are my $9 clearance beauties from Target, but improvisation is the lifeblood to getting dressed in the morning. 

I got home yesterday to the most incredible bundles of new clothes and accessories from my mom and my cousin, Charissa.
My cousin has started a new Etsy shop for her crochet accessories, and they're amazing.
She sent me this set which is honestly even better in person. The colors are vibrant, the yarn is soft, and it's so well made. She finished the flower with a crystal button, and the ear-warmer loops around the back with a large porcelain green button. It's darling.
I'm already planning an outfit around them!

Today, my outfit is planned around a bright pink cable-knit sweater from my mom.
I was inspired by a monochromatic outfit from Mara at M Loves M, so I've donned various shades of pink for today's dreary sky!

Come back by tomorrow.

Until then,

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