Tuesday, February 26, 2013

pretty lenses

This past week, we received a new camera lens in the mail!!

I'm looking forward to experimenting with a lens that is well suited for blogging, and Etsy posts.
Or rather, my husband is looking forward to experimenting with his photography skills. :)

Top: Forever 21 (similar), Cardigan: J. Crew, Pants: New York and Company
Watch: Fossil

I realized yesterday that I have completely left the heels-wearing genre of my life.
I think I might need to revisit it.
Wearing a pair yesterday felt like a whole new world, and not the pleasant Aladdin carpet-riding kind.
Has it really been that long since I've donned a couple of heels?
Apparently it has! I wear boots and flats daily. There's no denying that my job is not a vortex of fashion or dressy-ness, so I suppose I haven't felt the need or desire to wear heels this year.
I've also realized that I really don't like any of my dress pants...I want fitted, smart-looking dress pants, not balloon bell-bottoms or circus clothes. I've always had trouble finding dress pants that are the right length, or the right fit...but going through my closet, I've realized I've outgrown (style-wise) a lot of my old "business/professional" type clothing. Not to say there's anything fundamentally wrong with them, but my style has just gone in a different direction over the last year or so.
I think one of the reasons I've so readily reached for dresses on a daily basis is that I'm more comfortable in them...and I hate all of my dress pants. Subconsciously.
If I do wear pants to work, I usually cheat a little and wear my bright colored denim, like my bright coral or pineapple yellow pants. Or, let's be honest, I just wear dark jeans.

That being said, I'm enjoying the style transition. I just went through my closet last night and did a clean sweep, taking out items and bidding them a fond farewell.
Sometimes it's necessary to get rid of things, to make room for more things.

Right? :)

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