Friday, February 1, 2013

leopard is a lifestyle

Have you ever sat around and thought about which pattern would best describe you?

Mine would be leopard. Hands down.

Not because I'm wild or feisty or because I love the jungle... although I'm not sure I'm not those things.
Mostly it has to do with nostalgia.
I love how trends tend to recycle themselves. Trends like neon, and peter pan collars, and patterned or high-waisted pants.
They feel brand new to us, but definitely not to our parents. My dad can look at the short, fitted swim trunks trend and proudly know that he wore manly short-shorts first.

Dress: Ruche (similar), Cardigan: Banana Republic (similar), 
Tights: Target, Shoes: Thrifted, Necklace: Modcloth

Growing up, I think it's safe to say I had a leopard obsession.
And the saddest and best part of it all was that my mother let me dress myself, and I had absolutely no idea how.
Moderation, balance, accents, statement piece.
These words were like Spanish to me - I knew it was a language, I convinced myself I could kind of speak it, but then I proceeded to botch it up and/or say something really offensive to someone on accident.

Except instead of causing people to slightly gasp! before laughingly correcting the faux paus, I simply beat them over the head with it repeatedly.
Like that one time I wore a velvet leopard (yeah, that existed) long-sleeve shirt, with a leopard pencil skirt, with leopard Mary Jane shoes that were fuzzy like an actual leopard. 
It was bad, guys. Really bad.
I remember anxiously awaiting the boy I liked to see me, because I knew I was smokin'. 
He walked in, looked me up and down, and said, "Wow." 
My 11-year-old self took that to mean, "You are so beautiful, will you marry me?"
But looking back, I owe a heartfelt thanks to that poor boy who held back as much eye-bulging as he possibly could to give me a restrained and semi-sweet "wow".
I think the alternative would have crushed my little soul.

I was overjoyed when leopard came back in style, because I was much older and wiser and knew I might be able to handle it this time.
It isn't for the faint of's a lifestyle, and it's a fragile one.
I'm pretty confident that you can kill people with too much pattern. It's dangerous.

But I think in the end, it's totally worth it.

Even if you fail, pattern is too precious to live without. It's better to have patterned and been a disaster, then to never have patterned at all.
True story.

My first ever Modcloth purchase!
This necklace arrived in a box with my Valentine's Day dress,
and another cutesie print top - coming soon to the blog!

Weather has been bipolar, so we've had it all this week - freezing cold, warm sunshine, overcast and rain, and even snow. This morning we were blessed with a powdery snow left over from the night, nearly gone by the time we left for school/work. 

But I don't mind the rain. Because I get to wear my leopard umbrella. :)

Happy February, the month of love, and happy Friday!

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