Thursday, February 14, 2013

pink tights: challenge accepted

First things first:
For those of you who hate this day, shame on you. It tickles me pink that there's a day set aside for love - no matter what that may look like. A lunch date with your mom, a pajama-clad night watching chick flicks, giving candy to your best friends, going out on the town...celebrate love today.

This blog post is about celebrating love. And celebrating pink.

About yesterday's outfit: I really love challenges.

I think it speaks volumes about my childhood. Surrounded by three brothers, I somehow had to make up for being a girl by trying to be tough and never, ever turning down a dare.
It was like the magic word. Dare.
Whenever someone dared me to do something, everyone knew it would happen. And don't even get me started on Double Dog Dares.
I drank toilet water, ate horse poop, asked the cute neighbor for a cup of sugar for no reason other than to get him to come outside...
I'd like to think I've matured since then, but I definitely still perk up a little at the mention of a challenge or a dare. And since there was no unsanitary meals involved, I felt like I could definitely manage this one.
My friend Allison told me to try and make pink tights work.
So, I bought the most obnoxious color pink tights I could think of (they were the only ones I could find) and pulled them on yesterday, and am presenting them to you today for a very Happy Valentine's Day. :)

My husband only gave me one piece of advice, as I showed him my various concepts for pink-tightedness.
(He was absolutely baffled at how I was going to fit into the tiny new pair of tights. Apparently he's never seen tights before.)
"Just...try to avoid looking like a little girl. Okay?"
So I guess pigtails were out of the question.

Dress: Ruche, Cardigan: Gifted, Tights: Target
Boots: Gifted via DSW, Earrings: Noon (shop!)

It was the coolest evening.
It had been raining most of the day, in soft drizzles and cloudy moroseness.
By the time we left, fog had settled contentedly on the hills beyond and the lights from the surrounding buildings and apartments were glowing warmly.

I'm definitely not comfortable with pink tights.
I think these high brown boots were mostly to keep them from being too intimidating.
Overall, I think I would much rather have a darker pink - maybe even hot pink, or a patterned/textured tight.
The more I tried stuff on, the more I realized it was better to try and blend them into a look (like this watercolor floral print dress), rather than wear, say, a black outfit with them as the kicker. They're too light of a pink to be an effective statement color, so they need to just fit dreamily in the rest of the outfit so they don't look too strange.
Having said all that, I'm not sure I'm done trying them out yet.
Overall I was happy with the completed challenge, and who knows -- they might reappear around here again someday.

Now go enjoy your Valentine's Day, darlings. :)


  1. i love them! and think you pulled them off wonderfully :)

    1. Thanks Ash! Time to pick out some new crazy colors.