Friday, February 8, 2013

monochromatic: blushing pink

I love a great monochromatic look.
There's something really bold about it - almost tantalizing, like it's against the rules somehow.
Kind of like my childhood leopard outfit debacle, it's usually a terrible idea to compose an entire outfit out of the same pattern or color.
But at some point, someone came along and proved that monochromatic can be absolutely fierce, stylish, and can accomplish a really unique fashion statement.

Mara over at M Loves M created a monochromatic outfit in blue, and she was actually the inspiration for my compilation!

If I was really dedicated, I would have donned some pink tights and pink shoes, but I think that would've killed the moment. And maybe scared the neighbors.
Being my first attempt, I settled for a pink and brown look, with the leopard watch as the accent pattern.
Leopard is my favorite.

Dress: Gifted/Kohl's, Sweater: Gifted/LOFT, Necklace: Gifted
Tights: Target, Shoes: Poetic License (on sale)

Watch: La Mer, Target (shop!)

I seriously could wear a cable knit sweater like this every single day.
Dress it up or dress it down.
So cozy I could sleep in it.
This entire outfit is made up of various gifted items. My birthday dress from my best friend Becky, this bright pink sweater from my mom, and the necklace for Christmas from my friend Allison.

Even from thousands of miles away, my mom finds ways to shop with me!
She sent me an happy box of new sweaters and accessories, just because. I miss mom and daughter times.

I'm spending the entire weekend reading and checking off my to-do list.
Friday was slow in coming, but now that it's here, I can't wait to get started on weekend projects!
I love how full of hope and potential the weekend is - most of the time, once Sunday comes, I realize I haven't done anything productive. BUT, it's always nice, on Friday, to wish and dream and plan all the cleaning, crafting, reading and daydreaming I'll be doing. :)


  1. aw you look SO cute!! I love this outfit :)

    1. Thanks so much Mara! :) so sweet of you to come by!