Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cara Box: seasons of life

Happy Saturday, friends!

This past month I decided to participate in something called Cara Box.
For those of you who haven't heard of it before, head on over to this link where you can read all about this fun program started by Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals.
(You can also check out the Cara Box button on the right side of this blog to link to it.)

The purpose is summed up in the tagline, "make friends. receive gifts. share encouragement."

You're paired up with two different bloggers from all over the US (although you can also do it if you live outside the US, and if you don't have a blog! You're just paired with others like you), and are given the opportunity to get to know them by following their blog and exchanging emails. At the end of the assigned time (which is now 3 months), you send them a gift box!
Each month has a different theme, and they've done so many fun ones in the past! Things like nautical, circus, holiday sparkle, etc. This month we were assigned to each other based on our "season of life" (age bracket, kids/no kids, etc.). The goal was to find out everything you could about the other person, and try and compose a box that was perfectly them in every way.
I met two amazing girls, Amanda of Keeping Up with the Jayneses, and Shana of Keep It Simple.

I can honestly say I would be friends with both of them face-to-face. They are both such amazing people, and I loved finding out more about them and getting to know them. We exchanged quirky questions about each other and found out we had a lot in common! From favorite colors to favorite TV shows, to funny childhood collections and similar guilty pleasures.

Shana was the one who sent me my box, and I couldn't wait to open it!

She included a really sweet note, explaining all of the fun things she included in my box.
She totally hit the nail on the head! She included crafting supplies, a Christmas ornament representing the many cows that reside in Indiana (because my husband and I collect Christmas ornament from our travels!), a big notepad for jotting down blogging ideas, and a salad cookbook to balance out our guilty pleasure of eating out all the time! One of the greatest parts? She included a toy for our sweet kittens!

I think the piece I'm most enamored with is the little wreath-carrying cow.
I adore Christmas ornaments and can't wait to include this on this year's tree!

I can't wait to use the new ribbon and the sweet pastel buttons for new Posies by Cait projects!

Thank you so much Shana, for all the thought you put into this box! I love every bit of it and it was so wonderful getting to know you. I look forward to keeping up with you and maintaining our blog friendship!

I would highly recommend participating in the next Cara Box :) sign ups will be up on Wifessionals sometime after Labor Day! It's such a wonderful way of getting to know other bloggers, and to get plugged into a sweet community of encouraging women. It's like a blogger's Christmas!

(Luna and Evangeline sure enjoyed it!)

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