Friday, June 7, 2013

pink toes

My new favorite shoes. 
Honestly my shoe closet is in dire need of updating, still stuck in a time span between high school and now, and most of them sit untouched and covered in dust. I think I'm still in a state of shoe confusion, completely unsure what my style is. I'll figure it out. But I really need to come to a definitive decision about heels. 

We're currently enroute to Cleveland, and eager to see if it's really as bad as people say!

So I thought I'd throw up another outfit from last week. We were on our way to the movies after work with my parents (seeing Star Trek: Into Darkness - I wasn't born a Trekkie, but I sure am one now) and did a parking lot photoshoot before walking into the mall.

There was definitely a car right next to us with two people in it, staring avidly at me the entire time.
I decided to ignore them and just do my thang. Which included mostly just looking to the right, and pretending they weren't there.

Dress: Ruche (similar, similar), Top: J. Crew, Shoes: Gifted/Zulily
Watch: Fossil, Bangle: Cookie Lee
It has become a habit of mine to enlist some of my shorter dresses as tunic tops to wear over jeans throughout the work week. In fact, I did the same thing yesterday.
The jeans policy at work is unclear, at best - they take the "look professional" approach, and since I sit behind a desk in a closet/office in the back, I'd say I fit the bill nicely.
During the summer, things are really slow in the library, so they've already designated Friday a jeans and t-shirt day. I never wear a t-shirt to work, even on Fridays, so I'm feeling fancier already.

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